Chico was a transformational experience. Surrounded by exceptional artists and secluded in The tiny town of Pray MT focusing on nothing but beauty and photography. A mind blowing experience that still lingers.
— Virgil DiBiase, 2019 Attendee
The duration and the size of the Charcoal Book Club’s Chico review fosters community and allows for connections that are really unique. The reviewers were fantastic and generous, and it was an amazing opportunity to get to know the attendees and their work. Combine all the inspiring interaction with the incredible setting, and it makes for an unforgettable experience.
— Nicole Enerson, 2019 Attendee
Being part of Chico review 2019 was seriously one of the best experience of my life. Not only as an artist but for the incredible qualities of the humans that were part of it. For once in a long time I felt like I belonged somewhere....Afterwards I was selected by Aint-bad annual issue #14, I am in discussion with a publisher from the review for a book project, and had the chance to work with Andrea Modica on a very exciting project!

And that’s just a very short list of all the amazing things that I got out of Chico…I think my week there will continue to resonate for years for my career but also for my feeling of being part of a great photo community! Chico is a must!
— Maude Arsenault, 2019 Attendee
“My experience at Chico has changed me as a person and as a photographer. It took sometime for the experience to really sink in. I have made friends and colleagues that will last a lifetime. This wasn’t my first or even second portfolio review, but this was my first experience in this setting. The level of work is on point and having it be a juried review helps! It might seem like a lot of money, but it is really worth every penny. “
— Troy Colby, 2019 Attendee
The profound beauty of the landscape where we attendees (from all different parts of the world) were gathered, unified us as a group which supported conversations and exchanges that were meaningful. It was an all encompassing experience with inspiring talks, dinners with great conversations, provocative, memorable, helpful and thoughtful reviews, happy hour, time to make work and even to jump into the hot baths- it was more like a retreat than a portfolio review, all surrounded by an amazing, bucolic landscape. I would definitely return.
— Ruth Manenti, 2019 Attendee
I had an incredible week at Chico and I so enjoyed being a part of the review. I met so many great people and felt privileged to be in a group that was so unabashedly interested in photography. I was inspired by the work and words of peers and reviewers alike. The insightful criticism I received opened some personal paths that I hadn’t considered before. I am, in all honesty still not sure what to do with it all but I am glad for the experience, the friendships and the open venue Charcoal Book Club created in Chico.
— Trig Singer, 2019 Attendee
Attending the Charcoal Book Club’s Chico Review was a once in a lifetime experience. Being in Montana is extremely humbling, and to then be in the presence of incredible artists for a week eating together and unwinding in the hot spring is really inexplicable. The relationships I made in Chico will last for years to come. I’d recommend this opportunity to anyone who receives it!
— Jeffrey Robins, 2019 Attendee
Freshly out of college and confused about what I wanted, I found strong connections and shared passions with my reviewers. I also received an enormous amount of information and feedback about what paths I could pursue. I realized that I had a lot of work left to do before I would see results, but finding a goal to work towards is a great start and Chico gave me that.
— Hwa-Jeen Na, 2018 Attendee
The portfolio review gave me insight into the thought process of respected photo editors and art directors, and provided a splash of what visual creatives need most yet rarely get: fresh, critical eyes on their work. And the Chico atmosphere has a clarity that accommodates this.
— David Samuel Stern, 2018 Attendee
As a result of attending the portfolio review my work has been nominated for the Magnum Photos Graduate Award at Photo London. It was a great boost in terms of making contacts and getting the work in front of the right people.
— James Bannister, 2017 Attendee
I was lucky to have been among the first attendees of the Chico Hot Springs Portfolio Review. The thoughtful discussions we began years ago have continued among us to this day. It was an intimate and invaluable opportunity to meet inspiring people within an ideal landscape.
— Anna Ottum, 2017 attendee
Chico gave me the opportunity to grow immensely. I was able to learn in a safe environment from peers and professionals alike, while still being incredibly challenged in new areas. It was one of the most pivotal learning opportunities in my career that I still draw from 7 months later.”
— Jesse Cornelius, 2017 Attendee